Emotional Benefits of Rhinoplasty

July 16, 2018

Emotional benefits of RhinoplastyRecently, Dr. Min S. Ahn discussed how rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery, can increase self-esteem and confidence. He explained how the benefits of a well-performed rhinoplasty have an emotional component in addition to addressing physical concerns.

In this post, Dr. Ahn would like to share additional ways rhinoplasty can improve your emotional wellbeing. From better sleep and an improved outlook on life to the positive impact it can make on your career, rhinoplasty has the potential to change your life for the better. Read on as the Westborough plastic surgeon discusses the emotional benefits of rhinoplasty.

Career Opportunities

A boost in self-esteem and confidence after rhinoplasty can open up a world of professional opportunities. Feeling great about how you look will likely give you the courage and conviction you need to pursue a promotion, raise or entirely new job or career path. After all, what employer will be able to resist your newfound confidence and enthusiasm? Not to mention, an unfortunate reality in the workplace is that some managers make snap judgements based on appearance, so fixing a perceived flaw could help you advance.

Better Sleep

It may surprise you to discover that you sleep much better after rhinoplasty surgery. If you have a deviated septum or other structural abnormality fixed, airflow will improve. Better breathing leads to better sleep — and better sleep means a better mood! You will be thrilled at the difference in your mood after getting a full night of restful sleep. You may even discover that your entire outlook on life improves in a very positive way.

Freedom from Bullying

Sadly, some of today’s youth face bullying due to physical imperfections. And although elective surgery is generally not recommended for minors, some plastic surgeons perform rhinoplasty on teenagers once their nose stops growing. This is usually around the age of sixteen.  Improving the appearance of an oversized, crooked or otherwise imperfect nose can save a teen from bearing the brunt of cruel teasing and bullying during a crucial stage of their development.

However, patients should never change the way they look based on what others think. This type of pressure, whether it be from social media, friends or family, can lead to people getting cosmetic surgery for the wrong reasons. It is so important to take the time to evaluate whether a rhinoplasty is for you.

Rhinoplasty can provide a great deal of improvement in many aesthetic nasal issues, but the surgery cannot work miracles. Moreover, nasal surgery works best when the patient has realistic expectations. Patients who have healthy perspectives and are in a good place emotionally are very happy with their results.

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