Can Rhinoplasty Boost Your Self-Esteem?

April 24, 2018

Rhinoplasty and self-esteemRhinoplasty, also known as nose reshaping surgery, is one of the most gratifying procedures Dr. Min S. Ahn performs. The Westborough plastic surgeon understands that many individuals spend years feeling embarrassed or self-conscious because of a bump on the nose, a crooked nasal tip, an overly large nose or another cosmetic flaw. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that modifies the proportions of the nose to create a more harmonious and balanced facial appearance. Because the nose is the central focal point of the face, it’s no surprise that rhinoplasty can have a dramatic effect on one’s physical appearance and self-esteem.

In this blog post, Dr. Ahn shares some of the benefits rhinoplasty offers, including a self-esteem boost.

The Physical Benefits of Rhinoplasty Can Lead to Better Self-Esteem

Rhinoplasty is a very popular procedure because of the effects it can have on one’s entire facial appearance. When a nose is less than perfect, it can throw the other facial features off balance. For instance, an overly large nose can attract too much attention and make the other features like the chin or eyes appear too small. With a more proportionate and attractive nose, the entire face lights up. Instead of detracting from your beautiful eyes or strong chin, the nose will flatter them and make them appear more attractive.

A more attractive nose and harmonious facial appearance can boost your self-esteem and self-image. Following the procedure, you will no longer feel embarrassed by a prominent and unattractive nose, or feel the need to hide it. You can take pictures at all angles and smile freely. You can introduce yourself confidently to others. Rhinoplasty can open the door to endless opportunities. It can give you the self-esteem you need to pursue new opportunities — both professional and personal.

Learn More about Rhinoplasty

If you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your nose, we encourage you to learn how rhinoplasty can help. The key to beautiful and satisfying results is to work with an experienced and skilled facial plastic surgeon. With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Ahn is the rhinoplasty surgeon patients from the Northeast and around the country trust. He recognizes that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to rhinoplasty so he works meticulously to understand each unique patient’s needs and designs a treatment plan that delivers the most desirable results.

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The Dr. Ahn Difference

Dr. Ahn specializes in facial aesthetic rejuvenation and understands that patients need individualized care catered to their unique goals and considerations. Using his artistic eye, surgical experience and wide-ranging skills, he guides his clients through this highly personal process; whether it be a minimally invasive treatment or a cosmetically transforming surgery.

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