Introducing SUPERB: An Exciting New Wrinkle Treatment from Sofwave

June 12, 2022
Sofwave treatment Boston, MA

At the Aesthetic Wellness Center, our patients frequently ask about the latest treatments for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. While double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Min Ahn and aesthetic R.N. Rebecca Hoffey stay aware of the latest technologies, they are careful to only offer those that deliver on their promises. Accordingly, they are proud to now offer SUPERB, a treatment from Sofwave that improves the texture of skin on the face and neck. 

Get to Know SUPERB

SUPERB (or Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology) is an exciting new non-invasive treatment that addresses fine lines and wrinkles. It received FDA approval after proving to be both safe and effective in clinical trials. The FDA also approved SUPERB for lifting the eyebrow and tightening loose skin on the neck and beneath the chin.   

Collagen and elastin are proteins in the body that help to keep the skin taut and wrinkle-free. As the body ages, it gradually slows its production of these proteins. SUPERB utilizes ultrasound energy to heat the middle layers of skin tissue to stimulate new collagen and elastin production. With time, this boost of collagen and elastin helps to make the skin smoother and tauter.

What Makes SUPERB Superior to Comparable Treatments

The team at the Aesthetic Wellness Center, as well as their patients, love that the treatment involves no significant discomfort or downtime. The product’s ultrasound energy feels warm on the skin, but with the help of a topical numbing cream, it is not an unpleasant experience.

While other collagen-boosting technology can irritate the surface of the skin, that is not the case with SUPERB. Patients typically feel well enough to resume their normal activities immediately following the treatment. SUPER is so gentle that while the skin may be temporarily reddened, it should not be bruised, swollen or sore.

What to Expect from SUPERB

Collagen production continues for up to 12 weeks after treatment with SUPERB. While patients may start to notice improvements to their skin after about a week, it can take a few months for the full results to manifest. 

Most patients need just one or two treatments (which are often completed in 30 to 45 minutes apiece depending on the surface area being covered) to achieve their desired results. These results generally last about one year before a follow-up treatment is necessary to maintain the texture of the skin.

Learn More about SUPERB at the Aesthetic Wellness Center

If you like the idea of having a non-invasive treatment that is effective at minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, schedule a consultation with our experts to determine whether SUPERB is the right procedure for you. To speak to the Aesthetic Wellness Center’s team, please email or call (508) 426-8622.

The Dr. Ahn Difference

Dr. Ahn specializes in facial aesthetic rejuvenation and understands that patients need individualized care catered to their unique goals and considerations. Using his artistic eye, surgical experience and wide-ranging skills, he guides his clients through this highly personal process; whether it be a minimally invasive treatment or a cosmetically transforming surgery.

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