Injectable Treatments on the Rise

July 21, 2017

Young woman gets beauty facial injections in salon.

These days, it seems as though no one is a stranger to Botox or a little filler. If you are one of the few people who feel like you missed the boat (or Botox) don’t worry—we can catch you up to speed!

Studies show that today, 70 percent of people are interested in cosmetic enhancement procedures as stated in a report from the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and quoted in a recent article by Allure magazine.

The Rising Popularity of Cosmetic Enhancement Procedures

So why are these procedures in such high demand and what makes them so popular? Other than the obvious (they make you look and feel your most fabulous), there are several other factors that also come into play.

For one, the baby boomer generation is retiring and now that 60 is the new 40, many of these people want to look as young on the outside as they feel on the inside. Moving on to the next phase of their lives with more time for social events and outings, they are willing to spend some of their savings on an investment in themselves. One of the more popular procedures amongst this age group is the injectable treatment, Juvéderm Voluma. This is a hyaluronic acid filler which subtly adds volume to the cheek area providing lift and contour, thus a more youthful look. Priced by the syringe, a Voluma treatment starts at $1000 and can last for up to two years. Talk about bang for your buck!

Another reason injectable treatments have gained so much popularity is because they are no longer only geared towards older generations. In fact, millennials LOVE their injectable treatments. While these procedures reverse the signs of aging, they also delay the signs of aging, which means they are actually preventative. Botox is one of the most popular treatments amongst millennials. It is a five-minute procedure with no downtime and the results are amazing! Some refer to it as the “miracle treatment” and it is not hard to understand why. Botox temporarily relaxes the muscles in common wrinkle-prone problem areas (forehead, crow’s feet, and frown lines between the brows). Though it takes 5-10 days to fully “kick-in”, once it does you will wonder why you didn’t try it sooner. Your wrinkles will gradually smooth out, expressions will soften, and arguably the best part—the Botox prevents fine lines and wrinkles from becoming any deeper. I know you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true, but believe it! As a generation obsessed with the self-care industry, millennials love that they have found a way to slow down the clock. Rather than turning to Botox because they “look old,” twenty and thirty-somethings are more focused on self-preservation and maintaining a youthful appearance as long as they can. Treatments are usually required every 3-4 months to keep wrinkles at bay; however, with unit prices ranging from just $13-$17 and full treatments as low as $300-$400, most feel that it is more than worth adding Botox to their regular beauty regimen.

Lastly, when it comes to the spike in injectable procedures, it is not solely based on the change in audience but additionally the quality of the treatments themselves. In recent years, the science and technology behind these products have improved dramatically. The composition of fillers has become much more sophisticated and the consistency of the products much easier to inject. The longevity of the injectables has also advanced (some products last up to two years), which ultimately increases their appeal to both patient and provider. Injectors are able to work in a much more artistic and aesthetically pleasing fashion; avoiding the “plastic” and “frozen” looks that were so common in the past. With doctors and injectable nurses more confident in their products and results, patients are more open to receiving treatment. It is no longer obvious when someone has had “work done,” and the stigma behind cosmetically enhancing your appearance has significantly decreased.

Today’s society has more or less succeeded in normalizing injectable procedures. Many find non-invasive injectables to be an alternative to surgery (which, twenty years ago, was basically one’s only option in enhancing their look). Rather than spend thousands to go under the knife, there is now an alternative available for those who don’t have the downtime or the funds. Cosmetic procedures are no longer just for the wealthy.  In fact, they are increasingly viewed as a part of one’s “regular maintenance.” Botox and filler could soon be comparable to a full-highlight at the salon or your laser hair removal appointment. Mani/Pedi/Botox, anyone? Some of these treatments are so quick and painless they are offered as “lunchtime appointments” where a client will come in for service on their lunch break and are able to head directly back to work afterwards. Essentially painless and requiring no downtime, injectables are appealing to all those living in our high-paced world and looking for immediate gratification. When looking to refresh and rejuvenate, choosing injectable treatment has become a no-brainer. The number of people being treated and those who are interested in being treated has significantly risen in recent years and our guess is that it won’t slow down anytime soon.

At the Aesthetic Wellness Center we offer personalized consultations with our providers to go over your concerns and create a treatment plan tailored just for you. Injectable treatments are more than just a beauty trend that will come and go.  They will enhance your natural beauty—leaving you a fresher, brighter version of yourself— and our expert providers would love to help you do just that.

The Dr. Ahn Difference

Dr. Ahn specializes in facial aesthetic rejuvenation and understands that patients need individualized care catered to their unique goals and considerations. Using his artistic eye, surgical experience and wide-ranging skills, he guides his clients through this highly personal process; whether it be a minimally invasive treatment or a cosmetically transforming surgery.

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