July 13, 2015

Amy’s Story – Mini Facelift and Neck Lift Recovery Week 1

It’s been one week since Amy’s mini faceliftand neck lift with Dr. Ahn at our cosmetic surgery center, The Aesthetic Wellness Center. In the video below, Amy speaks candidly about her experience.

She reports experiencing tenderness behind the ear and a swelling in the lower face. Numbness, swelling and mild discomfort is normal during this phase of recovery.

Patients undergo a combination mini lift or lower facelift and neck lift to address sagging jowls and unflattering neck angles. If you undergo this procedure, you will go home the day of surgery with a light dressing over your face and neck. When you return to the office the following day to see Dr. Ahn, our staff will remove your dressing and wash your hair. Dr. Ahn recommends that you rest at home the following week, and relax with your head elevated.

Watch for more information on recovery, such as mini  facelift and neck lift recovery time. Click here to hear from Amy two weeks after recovery, and sign up below for your own consultation with Dr. Ahn.