July 24, 2015

Amy’s Story – Mini Facelift and Neck Lift Recovery One Year Later

Amys_blog_1_year-284045-editedOne year since her procedure, Amy video blogs about her mini facelift and neck liftrecovery experience. In her video blogs one week and two weeks after surgery she reports resolving tenderness, swelling and tightness. In the video below, she touches on the emotional and physical affects of the procedures, as well as the mini facelift and neck lift before and after results.

The ideal candidate for a mini facelift and neck lift is a healthy patient between 40 and 65 who would like to correct jawline troubles, such as sagging jowls, and who is unhappy with his or her neck angle. Dr. Ahn’s approach to a mini lift emphasizes short, discrete curved incisions and a natural appearance.  If you’d like to explore a mini facelift and neck lift, sign up for a free consultation with Dr. Ahn at our cosmetic surgery center, The Aesthetic Wellness Center.