Preparing for your facelift. Do’s and Don’ts

Reduce Wrinkles

There are many things you should do to prepare, and many things you will be required to avoid, before your facelift or minilift surgery, and in anticipation of your facelift recovery. Your facial plastic surgeon’s office should provide you with specific pre-operative instructions to follow regarding eating, drinking, medications and hygiene. If you don’t understand […]

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How to choose a facial plastic surgeon

You’re ready to have the plastic surgery procedure you’ve been thinking about, and now it’s time to choose the best plastic surgeon. You’ve done some research to narrow things down, but how do you find the right facial plastic surgeon for you? What should you be looking for? 1. Make sure the American Board of […]

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How do I know if I’m a good candidate for a facelift?

Most of our clients that schedule a consultation at The AWC let us know that they don’t feel as old on the inside as they think they’re beginning to look on the outside. If you feel like you don’t look like yourself lately because your face is showing the natural signs of aging, perhaps you’re […]

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